Problems about installing GMP on Win XP

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Subject: Problems about installing GMP on Win XP

I'm trying to install GMP on Windows XP but several problems are occourring.
I read this message: so I
have installed MinGW and MSYS correctly in a directory called C:\bin, but
when i run the commands detailed in the microsoft windows section as the
section reports , msys shell shows the following message: "No such file or


I assume you've correctly unpacked the GMP source and (in the MSYS shell)
cd'd to the top level GMP source folder, and got "No such file or directory"
when you've run './configure'.

In my case (building a GMP dll), I've unpacked the gmp source tarball to
D:\GMP\dynamic which means the top-level source folder is
D:\GMP\dynamic\gmp-4.1.4. Here's a copy'n'paste of the MSYS shell:

Rob at DESKTOP ~
$ cd /d/GMP/dynamic/gmp-4.1.4

Rob at DESKTOP /d/GMP/dynamic/gmp-4.1.4
$ ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared
configure: loading site script /etc/
checking build system type... pentium3-pc-mingw32
checking host system type...

If you've done all of that correctly then it sounds like you haven't got the
MinGW and MSYS installation right. (If that part is right, then building is
trivial.) MinGW and MSYS need to be kept separate. C:\bin\msys and
C:\bin\mingw should be ok - though normally you'd have MSYS in C:\msys and
MinGW in C:\mingw (or something like that). However, if the MSYS tree is
located within the MinGW tree (or vice-versa) or C:\bin contains the files
from *both* mingw\bin and msys\bin, then you're asking for trouble.

(Install MinGW before you install MSYS. Then, at the end of the MSYS
installation procedure, you should be prompted to provide the location of
MinGW - which you need to do.)


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