DarwinPorts Installation MacOS X

David Fang fang at csl.cornell.edu
Mon Jan 9 04:40:47 CET 2006

> There are several things that you have to change (I assumed you caught
> the others, but missed the ZeroLink.)  You need ZeroLink off, "Other
> linker flags"  set to "-lgmp", "Header Search Path"  set to
> "/usr/local/include/", and "Library Search Path" to "/usr/
> local/lib/".  This should resolve your problems.  (At least, that's
> how I get by with XCode."

	To be honest, never in my 3 years developing on OS X have I opened
up Xcode (or any IDE, for that matter *GASP*) -- I use GNU-build tools
exclusively, so I'm not qualified to answer anything about Xcode itself,
or any of the Apple-specific features such as the plists.
	You can however, add a line to your ~/.{cshrc,zshrc,bashrc,...}
to set the environment variable on startup of each new shell, via setenv
or export.  I'm sure the way to set in Xcode is simple if you just post a
question to xcode-users at lists.apple.com, someone will have the answer.
(It is likely already in the archives.)
	Hope this helps somewhat.

> > No I added the path to gmp.h in the Xcode Menu Project --> Edit
> > Project then added it to the 'Header Search Path' string. Is the
> > LD_LIBRARY_PATH referenced in the ~/.profile or ~/.MacOSX/
> > environment.plist ? Or is it an Xcode option?
> >
> > Blake:
> > I made the changes you suggested. I think the error might be
> > connected with David's suggestion of giving the LD_LIBRARY_PATH an
> > value because I got a 'Undefined symbol' error related to the
> > following:
> >
> > ___gmp_printf
> > ___gmpz_add_ui
> > ___gmpz_init
> > ___gmpz_init_set_str
> > ___gmpz_mul_ui
> >
> > All of which I'm using in the test programme.

David Fang

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