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Blake Huff stangmechanic at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 03:37:22 CET 2006


There are several things that you have to change (I assumed you  
caught the others, but missed the ZeroLink.)    You need ZeroLink  
off,  "Other linker flags"  set to "-lgmp",   "Header Search Path"  
set to "/usr/local/include/", and  "Library Search Path" to "/usr/ 
local/lib/".    This should resolve your problems.  (At least, that's  
how I get by with XCode."


On Jan 8, 2006, at 5:41 PM, Daniel J Farrell wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> Thanks for your help! I've replying to all the posts in this one e- 
> mail to keep traffic down for the people who aren't interested.
> David:
> No I added the path to gmp.h in the Xcode Menu Project --> Edit  
> Project then added it to the 'Header Search Path' string. Is the  
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH referenced in the ~/.profile or ~/.MacOSX/ 
> environment.plist ? Or is it an Xcode option?
> Blake:
> I made the changes you suggested. I think the error might be  
> connected with David's suggestion of giving the LD_LIBRARY_PATH an  
> value because I got a 'Undefined symbol' error related to the  
> following:
> ___gmp_printf
> ___gmpz_add_ui
> ___gmpz_init
> ___gmpz_init_set_str
> ___gmpz_mul_ui
> All of which I'm using in the test programme.
> Daniel
> On 8 Jan 2006, at 21:42, David Fang wrote:
>>> Does anybody have any advice on how to get gmp up and running on  
>>> MacOS
>>> 10.4. I have installed gmp with darwinports and everything seemed to
>>> go smoothly. I then wrote a quick test program (given in the  
>>> excellent
>>> documentation) and for some reason I get an error at run time saying
>>> something like 'ZeroLink: unknown symbol'. I included the path to
>>> gmp.h (/opt/local/include/gmp.h) in the header path project options.
>>> Do I have to link to that or one of the dylib?
>>> Are there any Mac users that can help me here?
>> Hi,
>> 	Did you try adding '/opt/local/lib' to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>> environment variable?  That should help it find the dylib at run- 
>> time.
>> David Fang

Blake Huff
stangmechanic at gmail.com

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