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Brian Gladman brg at
Fri Jan 6 11:35:04 CET 2006

Andreas Fabri wrote:

> Hello,
> I refer to the work done by Brian Gladman for
> making it an out-of-the box experience for GMP
> for Visual C++ users.

The situation in respect of my GMP and MPFR builds is as follows.

I have GMP 4.1.4 and MPFR 2.2 building under Microsoft Visual Studio
2005 (VS 2005) in both Win32 and x64 configurations.  I have both static
and DLL builds fully working with generic C code and x86 32-bit
assembler. I have quite a bit of YASM based assembler code support for
the AMD64 architecture working but there is still more to do here.

I have not yet published these as VS 2005 build projects because I am
still testing my AMD64 assembler code.  I would be happy to provide
these new build projects if anyone wishes to test them out in their
current state but they will need to be aware that there are quite likely
to be errors in some of the assembler code. I would be grateful for help
in testing the AMD64 based versions in particular.

I will only be supporting VS 2005 in these and future GMP/MPFR VC++
builds as I no longer have the earlier Visual Studio versions installed.
 Most of my effort will also be directed to the x64 versions of these
builds but I will try to help anyone who wishes to take on the task
maintaining the builds for earlier Microsoft VS versions.

  with best regards to all

     Brian Gladman

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