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Mon Nov 10 18:57:06 UTC 2014

Marc Glisse <marc.glisse at> writes:

  On Mon, 10 Nov 2014, Victor Shoup wrote:
  > I know that this subject has come up before, but I was wondering if there
  > are any updates.
  Not that I know :-(
Sadly, no.

"Making error handling good" is not a viable research subject, nor will
it be easy to sell to some sponsor.  But I'd really like to see work on

  Being able to compile GMP as C++ is officially a goal, at least for
  testing purposes so we can more easily experiment with unusual limb
I believe this used to be possible, thanks to work done by Per Olofsson
back in 2011.  I tried now, and mini-gmp.c and gen-psqr.c barfs.  The
errors of gen-psqr.c are simply some implicit casts, and it looks lika
that is the mini-gmp problem too.

If the kind mini-gmp developers could fix that, I'll make a nightly
build config which keeps it working.

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