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Fri Jun 8 09:58:21 CEST 2012

Dear Hikotaro,

Il Mer, 6 Giugno 2012 11:33 am, suzuki-hikotaro-mf at ha scritto:
> Could you tell me how to use GMP on AVR. And if you can, please tell me
> how to install in Atmel Studio 6.

Sorry, I do not know the environment.

> I want to use only mpz functions. I have already know usage of these
> functions.
> target board)EVK1104 (

I do not know your target platform, but i suppose it is an embedded system
where you don't need to handle huge integers, and it might not worth to
port the full library. That's why I suggest you mini-gmp.

mini-gmp is "a small implementation of a subset of GMP", it possibly fits
your needs. It was not released yet, but it is an actively developed part
of the GMP sources. I have to underline: WARNING, it is not stable code

If you have the time to experiment with the new code, you can find it
inside any recent snapshot of the "unstable" branch [ ] or directly take it from the
development repository [ ].

Please let us know if it you find it useful.

Best regards,


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