Use on AVR

suzuki-hikotaro-mf at suzuki-hikotaro-mf at
Wed Jun 6 11:33:35 CEST 2012

Dear members

I'm a Japanese university student. I was looking for a library for my 
Fortunately I met this great library. But I don't know whether to 
operate on the AVR.
Could you tell me how to use GMP on AVR. And if you can, please tell me 
how to install
in Atmel Studio 6.

I want to use only mpz functions. I have already know usage of these 
However, I can't understand configuration and compile customization for 

    compiler)gcc for AVR (in Atmel Studio 6)
target board)EVK1104 (

Sorry in poor English, but I am anxious for your help.


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