Request to mailing list gmp-devel rejected

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Feb 12 13:34:37 CET 2012

Dear Paul,

Thanks for your letter to the GMP project mailing list and the mailing
list administrators!

I am sorry to hear that you feel to have been met with unfriendly
responses now and in the past.  Being friendly is of course important,
but as you may have experienced yourself, when one is stressed, even the
friendliest among us may sin and sound slightly unfriendly.

Let me say a few words about the GMP mailing lists.  We have 5 lists,
each with its own purpose.  An overview is available here:

Using the right list is not unimportant in order to respect subscribers.
You sent a terse bug report to the developer's list, by mistake no
doubt.  All subscribers of gmp-devel will surely not want to see such
reports, but if they do, they will be on the gmp-bugs list.

The -admin meta addresses was blocked some years ago with an automated
message when the spam frequency reached an intolerable level.  If you
read the automated message again, you will notice that it does not call
you spammer.

Usually, our email list handling does not lead to such major
misunderstandings as it seem to have done in this particular case.


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