Pseudorandom seeding across OSs

Pedro Gimeno gmpdiscuss at
Sat Aug 27 00:10:35 CEST 2011

James Wanless wrote:
> Thanks very much for your response...
> It's actually an (attempted) ECPP output, but my query (I suppose :)
> more specifically was wondering why the output shown is different for
> (AFAIK) identical inputs/code/libraries/library-versions/random seeds
> across the two different OSs. Maybe I'm being optimistic hoping output
> would ever be the same for the two - any light you could shed on this
> would be very gratefully received (I don't _think_ there are any obvious
> bugs remnant in the code itself, but...?)

The random numbers should be the same regardless of arch. Please see
(and the rest of the thread if interested).

If that's not the case, you might have found a bug in GMP. Please read
this guide on how to report it:

The most important part is to include a self-contained test case that
illustrates the problem.

Thank you.
-- Pedro Gimeno

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