Pseudorandom seeding across OSs

James Wanless james at
Sat Aug 27 07:48:50 CEST 2011

Thanks for your email, pls see below for response(s)...

On 26 Aug 2011, at 23:10, Pedro Gimeno wrote:

> James Wanless wrote:
>> Thanks very much for your response...
>> It's actually an (attempted) ECPP output, but my query (I suppose :)
>> more specifically was wondering why the output shown is different for
>> (AFAIK) identical inputs/code/libraries/library-versions/random seeds
>> across the two different OSs. Maybe I'm being optimistic hoping  
>> output
>> would ever be the same for the two - any light you could shed on this
>> would be very gratefully received (I don't _think_ there are any  
>> obvious
>> bugs remnant in the code itself, but...?)
> The random numbers should be the same regardless of arch. Please see
> (and the rest of the thread if interested).

Excellent - thank you, that was just the confirmation I was looking for

> If that's not the case, you might have found a bug in GMP. Please read
> this guide on how to report it:

I see...

> The most important part is to include a self-contained test case that
> illustrates the problem.

Yes, I was afraid you might say that ( :) ). If I get inspired I'll  
look into it (I guess it's something I'll need to investigate for GMP- 
ECPP now anyway) - but I make no promises!

> Thank you.

Thanks again for the info.

> -- Pedro Gimeno

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