Rick C. Hodgin foxmuldrster at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 1 09:27:43 CET 2010

>   Is there a developer's manual about the internal structure of the GMP
>   and/or MPFR code?
> Yes, there is a manual that comes with GMP.  Did you read it?

Parts of it for my application.  My desire wasn't to become a GMP
contributor, but a user.  That has changed now and I'm in "discovery
mode." :-)

> I would be very surprised if anybody manages to get decent performance
> for GMP on a GPU, except possibly for operands of millions of digits.
> This has been discussed several times in the past, please see the mail
> list archives.

Will check it out.  Some existing 128-bit and 256-bit GPU libraries have
exhibited order-of-magnitude greater performance due to the 200+ GPU
cores able to process data in parallel.

> It might be possible to get some success from a "vertical" approach,
> i.e., bignum SIMD.  I am not sure how many applications would benefit
> from such an API.

- Rick

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