Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Wed Dec 1 09:12:29 CET 2010

[thread moved from gmp-devel]

"Rick C. Hodgin" <foxmuldrster at yahoo.com> writes:

  Is there a developer's manual about the internal structure of the GMP
  and/or MPFR code?
Yes, there is a manual that comes with GMP.  Did you read it?

  > Porting mpn to GPU is surely possible, but an efficient port is more tricky.
I would be very surprised if anybody manages to get decent performance
for GMP on a GPU, except possibly for operands of millions of digits.
This has been discussed several times in the past, please see the mail
list archives.

It might be possible to get some success from a "vertical" approach,
i.e., bignum SIMD.  I am not sure how many applications would benefit
from such an API.


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