vcproj for 4.3

Joerg Arndt arndt at
Sat Oct 10 06:18:09 CEST 2009

The initial message left me guessing what a "vcproj"
file was (I know now).  TG apparently had the same
problem and asked in response.

Answering his email promptly would have been the
a 15sec effort.  This did not happen.

Enter "degski", a person who obviously has zero
regard for the GMP project, TG, and the subscribers
of this list (wonder why he is subscribed to the list).
This person most certainly could have answered the
open question.  Instead he sends a hate mail.

As the contents of his message were sweeping
insults they happened to insult me.  Bad luck.

When an IQ challenged underachieving anonymous coward
insults me I usually ignore it.  Here I just didn't.
The words of my reply were chosen with care.

cheers,  jj

* Chris Saunders <evas at> [Oct 10. 2009 14:02]:
> I am a Windows user and have never had the impression that Mr. Granlund has 
> anything against me because of it.  So I thought the message was off-base 
> as well.  However I did not find that message as rude as yours.  I don't 
> have an opinion on your opinion but do have an expectation that the 
> discussions on this group would maintain a higher level.  They generrally 
> do.
> Regards
> Chris Saunders
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> Subject: Re: vcproj for 4.3
>> * Degski <degski at> [Oct 10. 2009 09:26]:
>>> >
>>> > Is there a vcproj file for gmp 4.3 so that gmp can be built in vc 2008?
>>> The short answer is, no!
>>> There is a clue to why on the gmp home page:
>>> > MPIR <>. This GMP fork might be an alternative to > 
>>> the
>>> > real GMP for some Windoze
>>> > users, but they'll have to deal with attention-seeking FUD against GMP.
>>> >
>>> The reality of it is that to Torbjorn Granlund linux/unix is like a 
>>> religion
>>> and he hates
>>> [...]
>> Hello Mr anynomous coward libeling idiot scumbag.
>> Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
>> All the flaming best,   jj
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