Pentium M and P4 question / and a failed test

Patrick Pelissier patrick.pelissier at
Tue Oct 2 19:10:01 CEST 2007

> > By the time I had built, tested and installed MPFR and GMP on the Linux
> > box,
> > I was still running 'make' for GMP on the Windows box (hadn't even got to
> > MPFR).
> The shells used by Cygwin as well as MinGW just are terribly slow compared
> to the ones under Linux/MacOSX. I have some python code that uses execlp()
> + startup of child processes (via pexpect) that takes 2-5 times as long
> compared to doing it under Linux on the same hardware. I am sure that the
> Cygwin and MinGW developers are aware of the problem, but my guess is that
> it isn't obvious to fix and probably due to the need to emulate POSIX
> functionality on top of the Windows kernel in userspace.

 There is no fork command on Windows.
  cygwin/mingw has to use CreateProcess + a copy instead for emulating
the fork command.
 In consequence, the scripts are slower on Windows.
 There is no way to solve this problem I think.

  Patrick Pelissier

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