Cygwin problem (Sisyphus)

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Tue Jan 23 02:19:51 CET 2007

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> Hi Rob
> Have you tried building it with MinGW instead?

Yep - no problem with MinGW.

The cygwin install on the new box is a *complete* install, so configure 
finds stuff that it couldn't locate on the old box (because the cygwin 
installation on the old box is not a complete one). That might account for 
the difference. Somehow or other, with this complete cygwin install, it 
seems that the conditions in gmp-impl.h disallow the defining of TMP_DECL, 

I'll chew it over for a while, try a few different configure options, etc. - 
and send off a bug report (that includes the configure log file, if I 
haven't worked out the problem).


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