precompiled gmpxx on windows

Michael Abshoff Michael.Abshoff at
Tue Apr 24 20:48:24 CEST 2007

TheGuest wrote:
> Sisyphus wrote:
>> Does it work ok if you leave out "--prefix=/c/gmp" ? (Obviously 'make
>> install' will then fail to install it where you want, but you could
>> always
>> manually copy into C:/gmp.)
> No, it doesn't;
> I've tried to use --prefix just because standard compilation without
> --prefix fails.

That indicates a problem with MinGW in general.

> Sisyphus wrote:
>> Also, for C++ support I think you'll need to provide the "--enable-cxx"
>> argument to configure.
> Than k you, very much.
> I'm interested in understanding the cause of the permission denied error I
> obtain when I compile;
> as I said this error is someting like this:
> ../libtool fork: permission denied.

The problem is *fork*, not the filesystem. Because you can unpack the
sources you should be able to compile locally. Googling "libtool fork:
permission denied" usually leads to the impression that this is a general
MinGW problem and not the gmp's fault.


a) does the problem persist after reboot (this is windows after all ;)
b) do you have admin priviledges on that Windows box? Which Windows
release is it?
c) Do other configure scripts fail in the same way? If yes this is
certainly not a problem of the gmp.

Chances are that Torbjorn will flame you sooner or later because this is
off topic. So this will be my last reply. YOu should really ask the MinGW

> Is it can be due to anything related to NTFS partition?

Maybe, but it all depends.

> Thank you anyway
> TheGuest
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