precompiled gmpxx on windows

TheGuest guestguestguest at
Tue Apr 24 19:56:27 CEST 2007

Sisyphus wrote:
> Does it work ok if you leave out "--prefix=/c/gmp" ? (Obviously 'make
> install' will then fail to install it where you want, but you could always
> manually copy into C:/gmp.)

No, it doesn't;
I've tried to use --prefix just because standard compilation without
--prefix fails.

Sisyphus wrote:
> Also, for C++ support I think you'll need to provide the "--enable-cxx"
> argument to configure.

Than k you, very much.

I'm interested in understanding the cause of the permission denied error I
obtain when I compile;
as I said this error is someting like this:
../libtool fork: permission denied.

Is it can be due to anything related to NTFS partition?

Thank you anyway
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