precompiled gmpxx on windows

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Wed Apr 25 08:40:09 CEST 2007

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> I'm interested in understanding the cause of the permission denied error I
> obtain when I compile;
> as I said this error is someting like this:
> ../libtool fork: permission denied.
> Is it can be due to anything related to NTFS partition?

Well ... NTFS is not a problem for me on Windows 2000. (I've also, in the 
past, built on FAT partitions without issue.)

If you're using gcc-3.x.x and the latest version of msys then I don't think 
it's an msys/mingw problem (as those versions of gcc/msys usually work 
flawlessly as regards building GMP) - more likely a Windows or permissions 
issue (as Michael suggested).

Which versions of msys (msysinfo) and gcc (gcc -v) are you using ? (For me 
it's 1.0.10 and 3.4.5 respectively.)

What command is it that's being run that evokes the libtool error ?

If none of this helps, the folks at the mingw mailing list might still be 
able to help out with an explanation/solution - even if it's *not* an 
msys/mingw issue. So, as Michael also suggested, feel free to give them a 
buzz ( ).


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