gmp compilers questions?

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> Hello,
> >
> > I personally don't like Cygwin - but they *do* provide a 64-bit compiler
> > (afaik), which MinGW does not (if that's a consideration for you).
> According to
> this
> appears not to be the case for x86-64. There is something for Windows on
> Itanium but I would assume that the number of people working in the
> scientific community on that platform could easily fit in a rather small
> room :). To quote from the Cygwin FAQ:
>   As far as we know no one is working on a native 64 bit version of

Oh ... I'm certainly not endowed with enough self-confidence to take on the
Cygwin FAQ :-)

But I'm sure that Tim Prince said (on the gcc mailing list) that Cygwin's
gcc provided 64-bit support, whereas MinGW's did not. No matter - I'll just
assume that I misunderstood what Tim told me (which is most likely the case,
anyway :-)


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