gmp compilers questions?

Michael Abshoff Michael.Abshoff at
Tue Nov 21 12:14:33 CET 2006


> I personally don't like Cygwin - but they *do* provide a 64-bit compiler
> (afaik), which MinGW does not (if that's a consideration for you).

According to this
appears not to be the case for x86-64. There is something for Windows on
Itanium but I would assume that the number of people working in the
scientific community on that platform could easily fit in a rather small
room :). To quote from the Cygwin FAQ:

  As far as we know no one is working on a native 64 bit version of Cygwin.

I have heard and read about a port being in progress, but never seen any
code. The cygwin project is about to release/has released a 1.5.0 build of
the cygwin1.dll which does file IO on 64 bit files, but that isn't the
same thing obviously :). Since the 64 bit version of windows has been out
for quite some time I have abandonded hope for a 64 bit cygwin environment
and switched over to MSVC 2005 for development on that platform

> If you wanted to build using a Microsoft compiler, check out Brian
> Gladman's
> website.

His project definitly builds 64 bit versions of the gmp on Windows. You
need Visual Studio 2005, but since Visual Studio 2003 cannot create 64 bit
code and his latest port (gmp 4.2.1) only builds on Visual Studio 2005
there aren't really any options.

> Cheers,
> Rob



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