gmp compilers questions?

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Subject: gmp compilers questions?

> Cite from the docs:
> " MS-DOS and MS Windows
> On an MS-DOS system DJGPP can be used to build GMP, and on an MS Windows
> system Cygwin, DJGPP and MINGW can be used. All three are excellent ports
> GCC and the various GNU tools.
> "
>   Can these compilers compile the libgmpxx - the C++ lib for GMP ?

MinGW can ... I assume the others can, too.

>   Which of the Compilers under windows do u gays think best, and which is
used most
> widely under windows?

I use MinGW, and I build GMP in the MSYS shell with that compiler - and I'm
happy with that.

I personally don't like Cygwin - but they *do* provide a 64-bit compiler
(afaik), which MinGW does not (if that's a consideration for you).

If you wanted to build using a Microsoft compiler, check out Brian Gladman's


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