div.c and other questions

Brian Hurt bhurt at spnz.org
Mon Sep 27 15:56:41 CEST 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Mike Loehr wrote:

> Greetings;
> I don't want to re-ignite the Microsoft compiler discussions, but there is a
> specific error in compiling div.c as reported by MSVC 6.
> In the div.c code a variable is called 'near'.  MSVC 6 reports that this is
> an old calling convention and is not supported and stops due the error. I'm
> assuming this is a very very old calling convention when near and far
> variable calls were used with stone knives and bearskins.  But MSVC kicks
> about it so I have to deal with it.

I can't speak to the rest.  But yes, 'near' was a calling convention from 
the bad old days of DOS, along with 'far'.  These date from the bad old 
days of segment/offset programming on the 8086 (near pointers where 
offsets only, far pointers were segments + offsets, for those who care).

The best solution is probably to just change the name, as you did.

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