GMP on IA64 HP-UX?

Steve Ellcey sje at
Tue Nov 9 20:22:47 CET 2004

>   Can anyone tell me what the status is of GMP on the IA64 HP-UX platform?
>   I picked up GMP 4.1.4 and was able to get it to build using some
>   comments from
> but as
>   this email notes the 'make check' fails even after you get the build
>   working.  I think this is because the ia64 config file
>   (mpn/ia64/gmp-mparam.h) is assuming a LP64 setup (based on IA64 Linux)
>   and HP-UX uses ILP32 by default but also supports an LP64 mode.
> You might have some luck with passing +DD64 in CFLAGS.
> (Not tested.)

Except that I would really like a 32 bit library.  My interest in GMP is
because the GCC project is linking this library (and MPFR) into the
latest GNU Fortran compiler and I build GCC on IA64 HP-UX as a 32 bit
program.  Without GMP and MPFR I can't build the Fortran portion of GCC.

Steve Ellcey
sje at

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