GMP on IA64 HP-UX?

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Tue Nov 9 20:14:28 CET 2004

Steve Ellcey <sje at> writes:

  Can anyone tell me what the status is of GMP on the IA64 HP-UX platform?
  I picked up GMP 4.1.4 and was able to get it to build using some
  comments from but as
  this email notes the 'make check' fails even after you get the build
  working.  I think this is because the ia64 config file
  (mpn/ia64/gmp-mparam.h) is assuming a LP64 setup (based on IA64 Linux)
  and HP-UX uses ILP32 by default but also supports an LP64 mode.
You might have some luck with passing +DD64 in CFLAGS.
(Not tested.)

  Also, are the latest GMP sources available from somewhere or are only
  released sources available?  I was hoping to look at the CVS tree or
  whatever is used to store GMP sources to see if anyone has made changes
  in this area or not.
We don't provide GMP snapshots or cvs read access.  Sorry.


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