Fwd: License Compliance Question

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux@peaktime.be
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 14:29:04 +0200

DTAshley@aol.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I joined the GMP list and made one post (a licensing question, e-mail 
> attached), but it does not seem to have made it through.  Did anyone 
> receive it?
> Is the list working?

Seems to be working, but *very* slowly. It can take several days before 
one recives an answer. Whether the butler did it... err... the majordomo 
  does not run very often, or there are just not many list members, I 
dont know.

Regarding the license: I would say you have an overly restrictive view 
of the LGPL.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

First, the LGPL (IMHO) places no restriction on *use*. Thus, using GMP 
in your web site does not require you to make sources (yours, or GMP) 
available. Also, for those who download the sources, "However, if you 
use these files with the GMP you will still have to honor whatever 
license terms apply": *use* is not restricted.

LGPL does restrict *distribution*, especially in binary form. If you 
*did* distribute in binary, then (1) the GMP sources, including all 
modifications by you, have to be available (2) the application may *not* 
be statically linked, because that would prevent people from using it 
with another release of GMP.

As for *your* sources, it may not be the best solution to declare them 
"I place no restrictions on the files which I'm making available (i.e. 
they are unlicensed)". You do not explicitly place them in the public 
domain, nor do you renounce your copyright, and "unlicensed" is 
ambiguous. Why not GPL them?

> Thanks, Dave.
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> Subject:
> License Compliance Question
> From:
> DTAshley@aol.com
> Date:
> Wed, 16 Apr 2003 19:41:57 EDT
> To:
> gmp-discuss@swox.com
> Hi Guys,
> While in a caffeine-induced psychosis, I authored the following three 
> web pages:
> http://esrg.sourceforge.net/phpcgibin/euclid_gcd.php
> http://esrg.sourceforge.net/phpcgibin/miller_rabin.php
> http://esrg.sourceforge.net/phpcgibin/pfact18digit.php
> Along with the GMP logo on each page, I linked to the source code that I 
> compiled and statically linked to the GMP, as well as source code for 
> the web pages.
> Am I am compliance with the license?  Is making sure all source code is 
> available enough?
> If NO, what must I do to comply?
> Thanks, Dave.

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