Help stabilising mini-gmp

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Sat Nov 19 10:54:42 UTC 2016

nisse at (Niels Möller) writes:

  To make sure I understand the issue, this is to get flags like -m32
  passed on to the linker?
Almost.  It passes it to the compiler used for invoking the linker,
which then munges it and DTRT.

  > I am not sure there are no side-effects conflicting with the author's
  > intended Makefile behaviour.
  I don't think so. But I think the right way is to simply add $(CFLAGS)
  to the linker command line. That's the usual way to use it, right? And
  omitting it in the linking rule in mini-gmp/tests/Makefile is a bug.
Since CFLAGS includes -Iblah it seemed like a uglier choice.

  > There is also a problem with t-signed on ppc64 machines.
  I noticed one of those failures, and it was't trivially reproducible on
  x86_64. Needs some investigation.
It seems "trivially" reproducible on ppc64 though, both real metal
versions and fake ones like ppceb-debv8 (and ppcel-debv8).

  The first failure was also a bit interesting, an internal compiler error
  with gcc-6.
  In file included from gmp/mini-gmp/tests/testutils.c:24:0:
  gmp/mini-gmp/tests/../mini-gmp.c: In function 'mpz_set_d':
  gmp/mini-gmp/tests/../mini-gmp.c:1647:3: internal compiler error:
     if (x != x || x == x * 0.5)

That's the LD_LIBRARY_PATH bug, I think.
  Begs for a proper gcc bug report, I guess. I fail to log in to sky, via
  nshell, at the moment ("ssh -p 2222 localhost" on shell fails with
  connection refused). And this failure was on the non-virtualized host
  sky, right, not on one of the vms?
I've updated the instructions and added an alias in ssh_config.  (The
port number had changed with the update of the tunneling mechanism.
Sorry about that!)

Indeed sky itself.

Please encrypt, key id 0xC8601622

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