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Niels Möller nisse at
Sat Nov 19 20:37:24 UTC 2016

tg at (Torbjörn Granlund) writes:

> nisse at (Niels Möller) writes:
>   I don't think so. But I think the right way is to simply add $(CFLAGS)
>   to the linker command line. That's the usual way to use it, right? And
>   omitting it in the linking rule in mini-gmp/tests/Makefile is a bug.
> Since CFLAGS includes -Iblah it seemed like a uglier choice.

Changed to pass CFLAGS when linking (according to GNU standards), and
move -I flags to CPPFLAGS where they belong.

> It seems "trivially" reproducible on ppc64 though, both real metal
> versions and fake ones like ppceb-debv8 (and ppcel-debv8).

I'll try to debug (if no one else beats me to it), but not today.

>   In file included from gmp/mini-gmp/tests/testutils.c:24:0:
>   gmp/mini-gmp/tests/../mini-gmp.c: In function 'mpz_set_d':
>   gmp/mini-gmp/tests/../mini-gmp.c:1647:3: internal compiler error:
>   Aborted
>      if (x != x || x == x * 0.5)
>      ^~
> That's the LD_LIBRARY_PATH bug, I think.

That could explain it (I was first thinking that "ICE" meant a failed
assert in the compiler code, but I guess any SIGSEGV or similar shows
the ICE message?). 

I just pushed an LD_LIBRARY_PATH improvement, we'll see if it reduces
the number of failures.


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