New T3/T4 code batch

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Thu Apr 4 13:17:46 CEST 2013

David Miller <davem at> writes:

  > I read the fine manual, and it specifies lzcnt.  OK, there is a footnote
  > about a deprecated mnemonic 'lzd'.
  Oracle specifies a lot of impractical deprecations of existing
  mnenomics in the UA2011 manual.  For example, they also want to phase
  out "ldd" for integer registers and start to call it "ldtwa".  I wish
  them a lot of luck with that.
I hope I didn't use any other of these "improved" mnenomics.  The lzd
comment is in about a 3 point font, so I am bound to have missed such
comments about any other instructions.

They messed about with add and sub, deprecating addx and subx, I suppose
these are less harmful, snce they added lots of new instructions in that
area anyway.  I doubt I use addx or its new spelling.

  Besides, the manual can say whatever it wants, it's what the assembler
  accepts that matters, right? :-)

  BTW, I added support for all of the VIS3 instructions to binutils in
  2011, so build testing ought to not be that hard even on pre-T3

Aren't you using your latest assembler?  :-)
(Else, you'd not have struck the lzcnt v2 issue...)


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