Support for w*ndows

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Fri Dec 2 13:57:51 CET 2011

nisse at (Niels Möller) writes:

  Ah, your right. This seems to work. Shouldn't have blamed automake for
  this, then.
  Do you think it would make sense to somehow have TESTS_ENVIRONMENT
  *default* to wine, for this type of cross builds?
Perhaps.  Is this common enough to add special magic?

  > This looks like a 32-bit build.  That has worked in GMP for a long time
  > (15 years?).
  As I said, I haven't yet installed any 64-bit enabled wine. I don't
  doubt that w32 builds work, I have just have never tested that, and I
  think it helps if it can be easily tested without the need for a windows
  box or d:o license. Are there any w32 tests in the nightly builds? Using
  wine makes that easy, even if that's not a 100% substitute for testing
  native builds.
The only Windoze testing in the nightly builds is for 64 bits.  (This is
done on almost real hardware.)

I put on my TODO list after you sent your initial message to setup
nightly testing using wine.  Does user-level instructions run natively
on the CPU, or is there qemu-like translation going on?

  make[4]: Entering directory `/home/nisse/build/gmp-w32-fat/tests/misc'
  gmp_vsnprintf return value wrong
    fmt       |%Md|
    bufsize   0
    got       |!0|
    want      ||
    want full |0|
    ret       13
    want_len  1
  FAIL: t-printf.exe
  ../../../../hack/gmp/tests/misc/t-scanf.c:1495: GNU MP assertion failed: ret == (-1)
  FAIL: t-scanf.exe
  Could of course be a bug in wine, if these tests succeed on native

You are of course most welcome to debug these failures...


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