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Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Fri Dec 2 12:22:58 CET 2011

nisse at (Niels Möller) writes:

  Nice. What do you think about make check in a cross environment? I had a
  quick look at the Makefile targets for make check.

Nothing new added for this.
  It seems there's no way to insert an invocation of wine, except by
  replacing the entire check or check-TESTS target (copying from the
  generated to Have I mention that I don't
  particularly like automake? As far as I see, there's currently not even
  any make target to let you build (but not run) all the test programs.
Isn't TESTS_ENVIRONMENT usable for this?

make TESTS_ENVIRONMENT=wine check

  Anyway, I cross compiled with host=--i586-mingw32msvc (I don't have any
  wine64 installed), and ran make -k check (which of course fails
  miserably, but at least builds all the test programs).
  Then I can do
    cd tests/mpn
    for f in t-*.exe ; do printf "%s: " $f; wine $f; echo $?; done
  This runs the testprograms in that directory, and they appear to all
This looks like a 32-bit build.  That has worked in GMP for a long time
(15 years?).

(I actually don't know the status wrt 32-bit fat binaries on Windoze-32.
I only made 64-bit fat binaries work.)


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