GMP Itemized Developement Tasks suggestion

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Tue Dec 16 09:42:32 CET 2003

"Dennis Lubert" <lubert at> writes:
> does not need to reallocate the used mpz_t variable,
> since it will always have a maximum number of limbs as the moduli.

Allocation policy is described under "memory management" in the
manual.  The "efficiency" section has notes on what to do if it's

> PS: have you every tried to use valgrind/cachegrind on x86 CPUs to measure
> speed / cache latency ?

We're probably clean to valgrind checking, apart from maybe a few
uninitialized memory reads.

For caching we're more interested in getting the asm routines to run
at full speed out of L2.

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