GMP Itemized Developement Tasks suggestion

Paul Zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Tue Dec 16 13:57:14 CET 2003

   I'm currently implementing a elliptic curve factorization program, and I'm
   using gmp for the long number arithmetics. Currently I'm doing all
   mul/add/sub with an mpz_ function and then applying mpz_mod on those.
   Perhaps its possible to write mpz_addm() functions that do this already ?
   This may (or may not, I have not looked much at the gmp code) reduce the
   calling overhead and does not need to reallocate the used mpz_t variable,
   since it will always have a maximum number of limbs as the moduli.

What you want is a class for arithmetic mod n. I understand this may come
in a future release of gmp.

If your interest in implementing ecm is not just learning how it works,
you might be interested in joining the gmp-ecm development team. See

Paul Zimmermann

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