core2 not recognized

Jay DeMarrais jay at
Fri Nov 13 19:20:40 CET 2009

Ok, I am still not finding anything in the manual.  Sorry for being slow. 
Could you give me a hint?

Maybe the problem is that I have no idea what kind of cpu this core 2 is.  I 
didn't see my cpu listed which is why i chose 'i386' as 'generic x86' which 
seemed possible.  Is this what you mean?  There was a bit about 586 and 386 
which was confusing, but it seemed to say 586 isn't too good unless you have 
a 586?

Hmmm... there is an --enable_fat which looks promising but that still 
doesn't help me choose the basic cpu type.

Other than that I followed the specific notes on windows machine by 
downloading cygwin and then followed the install part which says to run 
configure which fails.

BTW, I looked for forums to ask in, but couldn't find any.

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> "Jay DeMarrais" <jay at> writes:
>  Downloaded 'latest version' 4.3.1 of gmp.
>  ./configure fails on my system using cygwin (32 bit machine with
>  processor Intel Core2 Duo Cpu).  It reports:
>  -pc' not recognizede 'core2.. Invalid configuration 'core2
>  -pc-cygwin failed /bin/sh ./confure.sub core2
>  I was a bit surprised this wasn't a 'known problem'.  I can't have the
>  only core2 machine???
> It is a "known problem" that users think there is a bug in a package
> like GMP just because they forgot to read the fine manual.  :-)
>  I am trying ./configure --build=i386.  I have no idea if this is
>  correct however.
> I think reading the "Installing ..." section of the GMP manual might
> save you time.  If you follow the instructions therein, and it does not
> work, please read whatever error message is printed by configure.  If it
> says things like "cannot find foo in the path", then install foo (the
> prerequisites are listed in the manual) and try again.
> It should work fine then.  If it doesn't, please report it as a bug.
> (There are instructions on doing that in the manual.)
> -- 
> Torbjörn

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