core2 not recognized

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Fri Nov 13 18:27:22 CET 2009

"Jay DeMarrais" <jay at> writes:

  Downloaded 'latest version' 4.3.1 of gmp.
  ./configure fails on my system using cygwin (32 bit machine with
  processor Intel Core2 Duo Cpu).  It reports:
  -pc' not recognizede 'core2.. Invalid configuration 'core2
  -pc-cygwin failed /bin/sh ./confure.sub core2
  I was a bit surprised this wasn't a 'known problem'.  I can't have the
  only core2 machine???
It is a "known problem" that users think there is a bug in a package
like GMP just because they forgot to read the fine manual.  :-)

  I am trying ./configure --build=i386.  I have no idea if this is
  correct however.
I think reading the "Installing ..." section of the GMP manual might
save you time.  If you follow the instructions therein, and it does not
work, please read whatever error message is printed by configure.  If it
says things like "cannot find foo in the path", then install foo (the
prerequisites are listed in the manual) and try again.

It should work fine then.  If it doesn't, please report it as a bug.
(There are instructions on doing that in the manual.)


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