ERROR (check_random test 1): bad mpq_set_d results

Paul Zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Tue Nov 25 09:14:33 CET 2008


> ERROR (check_random test 1): bad mpq_set_d results
> 3.098073531878046e-120
> 3.098073531878046e-120
> FAIL: t-get_d
> Is there anything I can look into for you ?

that test does the following:

1 - it generates a random double-precision number d
2 - it converts d to a mpq_t q using mpq_set_d
3 - it converts the numerator and denominator of q to double-precision numbers
    nd and dd respectively, using mpz_get_d
4 - it divides nd by dd, giving the double-precision number d2
5 - it checks d equals d2

By construction, mpq_set_d produces a denominator of the form 2^e, thus we
should have dd = 2^e, and the division nd/dd in 4 should be exact.

Thus the problem might be due to the fact that mpz_get_d does not yield the
same value (up to scaling by 2^e) than the original d.

I suggest you add the lines marked /*+*/ in tests/mpq/t-get_d.c, recompile,
and run the test again (function check_random).

  for (test = 0; test < reps; test++)
      mpn_random2 (rp, LIMBS_PER_DOUBLE + 1);
      d = 0.0;
      for (i = LIMBS_PER_DOUBLE - 1; i >= 0; i--)
	d = d * MP_BASE_AS_DOUBLE + rp[i];
      d = my_ldexp (d, (int) (rp[LIMBS_PER_DOUBLE] % 1000) - 500);
      mpq_set_d (q, d);
      nd = mpz_get_d (mpq_numref (q));
      dd = mpz_get_d (mpq_denref (q));
      d2 = nd / dd;
      if (d != d2)
	  printf ("ERROR (check_random test %d): bad mpq_set_d results\n", test);
	  printf ("%.16g\n", d);
	  printf ("%.16g\n", d2);
	  printf ("d=%1.16e\n", d);                    /*+*/
          gmp_printf ("num(q)=%Zd\n", mpq_numref (q)); /*+*/
          printf ("nd=%1.16e\n", nd);                  /*+*/
	  abort ();

Note that printing 16 digits of d and d2 is not enough, since 17 digits are
needed to distinguish two binary64 numbers in the worst case. Here both
9007199254736896/2^450 = 3.0980735318780457775e-120 and 
9007199254736897/2^450 = 3.0980735318780461215e-120 round to
3.098073531878046e-120 to 16 digits. I guess d is one of those, and d2 the
other one.

Paul Zimmermann

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