gmp 4.2 fails tests on G5

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Wed Apr 26 15:54:55 CEST 2006

howarth at (Jack Howarth) writes:

      Has GMP 4.2 actually been tested on a G5?

A G5 is running GMP nightly tests.

  In attempting to build
  fink packages for gmp 4.2, we discovered that while GMP 4.2 can be built
  and passes its testsuite on a G4 there are many testsuite failures when
  building and testing on a G5.

Good, thus you're warned about that your compiler is buggy.

  Specifically the problem shows up when the
  configure option --enable-cxx is used. Without that option, the build passes
  its make check on a G5.

You make it sound like a general meltdown happens with --enable-cxx,
but I assume just the C++ tests fails?

For me too, the C++ stuff fails when using Apple's compilers.  I
isolate perhaps one compiler bug per month; unfortunately GMP runs
into about 5 compiler bugs per month.  This number increases rapidly
with time.

I have not isolated this bug, and I do not intend to isolate more bugs
in Apple's compilers.

Please feel free to isolate this problem and report it to Apple.  If
you have a clean workaround for GMP, I'll consider putting it in.


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