gmp 4.2 fails tests on G5

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Wed Apr 26 16:02:09 CEST 2006

Daniel Lord <daniellord at> writes:

  On Apr 26, 2006, at 6:14, Jack Howarth wrote:

  >     Has GMP 4.2 actually been tested on a G5?

  There is a patch, but apparently, the maintainer has not checked it
  in although its been available for several weeks now. I don't know
  why the maintainer has not checked this in yet.

What do you know if "the maintainer has checked it in yet"?

  The GMP web site says its Apple assembler syntax which is incorrect.
  It has _nothing_ to do with that. It is a defect in the loader 'ld'.

You're confusing two completely separate issues for separate platform
whose only common denominator is that they are caused by Apple bugs.


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