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On 2023-09-21 19:45:28 +0200, Anders Andersson wrote:
> A bit off-topic, but I'm now curious how GMP 6.2.1 can turn into
> What's the logical connection? Who makes the
> numbering decision?

10 is the oldest supported ABI version. The ABI version normally
increases each time the library major.minor version increases.
For instance, this is documented in MPFR (src/

#         MPFR     -version-info
#        2.1.x      -
#        2.2.x    1:x:0
#        2.3.x    2:x:1
#        2.4.x    3:x:2
#        3.0.x    4:x:0
#        3.1.x    5:x:1
#        4.0.x    6:x:0
#        4.1.x    7:x:1
#        4.2.x    8:x:2

The first -version-info number is the ABI version and the last one
is the age of the oldest supported ABI version. Here, the oldest
supported ABI version for MPFR 4.x is 6, and that's why one has for MPFR 4.2.1.

When an ABI incompatibility is introduced in a new release, the age
must be reset to 0. But this is not related to the choice of the
major.minor version numbers.

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