Very Fast Divide and Mod For GMPLIB; Paper

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Thu Mar 2 00:31:02 CET 2023

A search for " Allan Menezes" on that website produced 0 results. Also a search for "Very Fast Divide" produced 0 results. 

Could you direct link us to the papers or just email them to me? I am not paying money for a website or access to a paper. 


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Subject: Very Fast Divide and Mod For GMPLIB; Paper 

Please find my paper on Mersenne Variant Numbers, Primality, Factorization 
of Mersenne Variants 
and also the Very Fast Divide and GCD paper on the following website: and search for me: Allan Menezes. Perhaps you can incorporate 
some of these ideas in GMPLIB's open source code 
Thank you, 
Allan Menezes 
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