hi i have two Q's one about legal stuff and one about the library

Jesse Taube mr.bossman075 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 19:41:56 UTC 2020

hi my name is jesse im 17

So on the website <https://gmplib.org/pi-with-gmp> it says under
computing pi it says that a 64 bit computer can compute 41B digits of pi.
The website also says that in a future release this will grow to 10^15
digits is that still in the upcoming releases, has it happened or is that a
long term goal.

second question i know nothing about licenses and don't really understand
i made a github repo with a compiled version of 6.2.0 and instructions on
how to compile it for a xeon phi coprocessor. I didn't change any of the
code. I just compiled it and added a demo program. i stated that all credit
goes to the devs at gmplib.org but i think i need to add the gnu license.
If anyone could tell me if what I'm doing is okay or if there is anything I
have to do, to make it okay, that would be great. the github repo in


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