Installing GMP on VStudio 2017

Person Withhats personwithhats2 at
Fri Mar 30 01:07:15 UTC 2018

As it says up there... I really really need this fixed!

I've compiled and recompiled GMP using msys2, cygwin, etc. and none of them
work properly.

My edits to project options:
    Linker -> General: Additional Library Directories

    Linker -> Input: Additional Dependencies (libgcc.a does nothing and
order for xx or not doesn't seem to matter)


    C++ -> General: Additional includes

I get a "unresolved external symbol __getreent (and fprintf) in function

It just wont' bloody work, days wasted on this. Please advise.

Windows 10 pro, x64 bit. VStudio community 2017.

Basic test project that includes boost and GMP (trying to try out gmp_float)

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