Version number mismatch: inconsistency between gmp.h and libgmp

Tanushree Banerjee banerjee.tanushree10 at
Thu Apr 26 15:19:33 UTC 2018

I was trying to install NTL library on ubuntu, and after using "make", I
get this error :

GMP version check (6.0.0/6.1.0)
*** version number mismatch: inconsistency between gmp.h and libgmp
Aborted (core dumped)
makefile:346: recipe for target 'setup3' failed
make[1]: *** [setup3] Error 134
make[1]: Leaving directory '/mnt/c/Users/pc-admin/ntl-11.0.0/ntl-11.0.0/src'
makefile:310: recipe for target 'setup-phase' failed
make: *** [setup-phase] Error 2

I saw the posts

But still that didnt quite help. Currently my usr/local/lib has

XXX at SECURE2:/usr/local/lib$ ls
  libmpir.a  libmpfr.a  pkgconfig

and /usr/local/include has

XXX at SECURE2:/usr/local/include$ ls
gmp.h  mpf2mpfr.h  mpfr.h  mpir.h

Tried changing environment paths as


Somehow I don't understand how to solve. Any help would be highly
appreciated! Thanks for your patience

Thanks and regards
Tanushree Banerjee,

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