Announce: GNU MPFR 3.1.6 is released

Vincent Lefevre vincent at
Thu Sep 7 14:29:29 UTC 2017

GNU MPFR 3.1.6 ("canard à l'orange", patch level 6), a C library for
multiple-precision floating-point computations with correct rounding,
is now available for download from the MPFR web site:

from InriaForge:

and from the GNU FTP site:

Thanks very much to those who sent us bug reports and/or tested the
release candidate.

The SHA1 digests:
c207aada1c0af969d800c16f25e0a78e15b9c9cc  mpfr-3.1.6.tar.bz2
e6ac324627196370f5fe5a415fff931157da4b23  mpfr-3.1.6.tar.gz
f9178ddc0c470faa2e063b3185c4488ad0f74df8  mpfr-3.1.6.tar.xz

The SHA256 digests:
cf4f4b2d80abb79e820e78c8077b6725bbbb4e8f41896783c899087be0e94068  mpfr-3.1.6.tar.bz2
569ceb418aa935317a79e93b87eeb3f956cab1a97dfb2f3b5fd8ac2501011d62  mpfr-3.1.6.tar.gz
7a62ac1a04408614fccdc506e4844b10cf0ad2c2b1677097f8f35d3a1344a950  mpfr-3.1.6.tar.xz

The signatures:

Each tarball is signed by Vincent Lefèvre. This can be verified using
the DSA key ID 980C197698C3739D; this key can be retrieved with:

  gpg --recv-keys 980C197698C3739D

or by downloading it from <>.
The key fingerprint is:

  07F3 DBBE CC1A 3960 5078  094D 980C 1976 98C3 739D

The signatures can be verified with: gpg --verify <file.asc>
You should check that the key fingerprint matches.

Changes from version 3.1.5 to version 3.1.6:
- Improved MPFR manual.
- Bug fixes (see <> and ChangeLog file).
- Autotools: Under Linux, make sure that the old dtags (when supported)
  are used if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is defined; otherwise "make check" would
  check an installed, compatible MPFR library found in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  instead of the one that has been built with "make".

You can send success and failure reports to <mpfr at>, and give
us the canonical system name (by running the "./config.guess" script),
the processor and the compiler version, in order to complete the
"Platforms Known to Support MPFR" section of the MPFR 3.1.6 web page.


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