support larger int types

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Fri Oct 14 11:44:17 UTC 2016

Pedro Gimeno <gmpdiscuss at> writes:

  Torbjörn Granlund wrote, On 2016-10-13 20:38:
  > We cannot play a surprise game with GMP users and GMP applications; GMP
  > version X.Y should have exactly one API, not an API which is affected by
  > whichever compiler happened to be used by the one who compiled GMP.
  > [...]
  > A separate question is whether we should provide every abstract integer
  > type in the stdlib printf spirit.  I.e., should we have mpz_set_int,
  > mpz_set_uint, mpz_set_long, mpz_set_ulong, mpz_set_int32_t,
  > mpz_set_uint32_t, mpz_set_least_int32_t, mpz_set_uintmax, etc, etc?  And
  > then the same for mpz_add_* and mpz_mul_*, etc.
  One reasoning contradicts the other, doesn't it?, given that the C standard doesn't guarantee some of those types to exist (especially for fixed-width types). Or is that too academic?
Which types?

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