GMP CFLAGS on homebrew

Mike McQuaid mike at
Fri Nov 18 09:05:39 UTC 2016

> On 18 Nov 2016, at 08:56, Gereon Kremer <gereon.kremer at> wrote:
> I wasn't sure whether this is actually a homebrew issue, hence I wanted
> to have gmp-discuss in CC... I'm happy to switch to a GitHub issue if
> you confirm this as a homebrew issue.

Sorry, it’s not up to me whether to confirm if it’s a Homebrew issue or not. Homebrew’s binary packages are built to be generic across CPUs. Homebrew’s builds from source to target your specific CPU. If there’s a specific, reproducible bug with this you can produce on a Mac (not just a VM) then please file an issue.

Please remove me from future CCs until you confirm it’s an issue with Homebrew, thanks.

Mike McQuaid

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