GMP CFLAGS on homebrew

Mike McQuaid mike at
Fri Nov 18 08:47:23 UTC 2016

> On 18 Nov 2016, at 08:36, Gereon Kremer <gereon.kremer at> wrote:
> These flags as shipped by homebrew contain "-mtune=sandybridge
> -march=sandybridge". Thus, if you have a pre-sandybridge processor, the
> resulting binary will crash because the compiler uses some
> sandybridge-specific instructions.
> I assume that GMP (as shipped by homebrew) is actually built using these
> options. In that case, I'm wondering why this version works at all if
> you have an older processor. (And it does. I noticed this error on
> TravisCI, where gmp usually works fine if installed from homebrew)
> If you use some specific compiler or additional compiler options to make
> sure, that no sandybridge-specific instructions make it into the
> library, where is the point of setting these options in the first place?
> If you don't, is it just luck that the library that gets shipped usually
> works on older processors?

When you say “shipped by Homebrew” you’re not specifying whether you mean “shipped in a binary package for OS X version X.Y.Z” or “built from source".

As a general note, if you have a Homebrew question please post it on our GitHub issue tracker, follow our troubleshooting steps and issue template rather than CCing the lead maintainer on an email.


Mike McQuaid

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