Daniel Cegiełka daniel.cegielka at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 15:47:43 UTC 2015

2015-01-26 16:29 GMT+01:00 Torbjörn Granlund <tg at gmplib.org>:
> Daniel Cegiełka <daniel.cegielka at gmail.com> writes:
>   Can you publish gmp as gzip (tar.gz)? Linux kernel, mpfr, mpc, gcc,
>   binutils, glibc etc. are available as tar.gz.
> We considered gzip obsolete.  The oldest format we support is bzip2,
> which compresses about 30% better than gzip, and is quite ubiquitous
> since many years.  (The prefered formats today are lzip and xz, they are
> another 20% better.)

gzip is as obsolete as the POSIX shell. Does it mean that we all have
to use bash? gzip is old, but it offers the greatest portability.
Therefore, the kernel, gcc, glibc, binutils, mpfr, mpc are still
published in gzip format. This is not a big problem for you, but for a
small distros, it's a lot of facilitating.


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