GMP license: COPYING file (GPL) and LGPLv3 at
Mon Mar 17 20:17:53 UTC 2014

For somewhat reason my previous reply does not appear in archives, so I 
repeat it, rephrased.

On 2014-03-17 20:40, Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
> "" < at> writes:
>    Hello, colleagues.
>    I see that the GMP site ( tells
>    GMP has LGPL license:
>       ---
>       The precise conditions of the license for the GNU MP library are
>       found in the Lesser General Public License version 3 that
>       accompanies the source code, see COPYING.LIB. Certain demonstration
>       programs are provided under the terms of the plain General Public
>       License version 3, see COPYING.
>       ---
>    But when I look at the README file in GMP 5.1.3 source distribution, it
>    says:
>       ---
>       GNU MP is free software and may be freely copied on the terms
>       contained in the files COPYING.LIB and COPYING (most of GNU MP
>       is under the former, some under the latter).
>       ---
> Are you suggesting there is a contradicton here?

It's not a contradiction. I'd like to use GMP in a closed-source 
product. Thus, I cannot use GPL, only LGPL.

After 5 years site contents may change. But I still shall 
have a proof that GMP version I use and distribute is covered under 
LGPL. As long as there are 2 license texts, and their coverage is not 
understood from README, I won't be able to prove that I do not violate GPL.

>    So, the README file does not explicitly say what is licensed under GPL
>    and what is licensed under LGPL.
> Clearly, the README file cannot give the detail of a 150-page manual.

Sure, but the README file already dedicates tens of lines to the 
licensing terms. Why not to be precise at least like ?

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