using gmp in visual studio?

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at
Mon Jan 6 22:17:27 UTC 2014

On Mon, 6 Jan 2014, Adam Henderson wrote:

> Hi all, I am new to gmp and would like to use it for creating a program
> that does discrete math stuff.
> I tried to install gmp using cygwin and using the command "./configure".  I
> got an error:
> configure: error: could not find a working compiler, see config.log for
> details
> I noticed before the error it was trying to do a lot of "gcc <command>".
> From my days at digipen, I remember that gcc stands for the gnu compiler.
> Do I need to install the gnu compiler?  How do I get this to work?
> My other question is whether I use use gmp in visual studio.  I am worried
> I might not be able to, since it says in the GMP basics that "All programs
> using GMP must link against the libgmp library. On a typical Unix-like
> system this can be done with ‘-lgmp’, for example".
> I have no idea how to link against the libgmp library.  Thanks for all your
> help in advance.  ~Adam

There is some information in:

Marc Glisse

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