Using mpq_t for aggregating currencies with wildly varying ranges

bodrato at bodrato at
Fri Apr 18 10:28:19 UTC 2014


May I throw in another idea?

Since you know in advance that den is in the form $2^m 5^n$,
once you have obtained $m$ using mpz_scan1, you can compute $n$ just
looking at the bit size of the part $5^n$.

Il Mer, 16 Aprile 2014 9:26 pm, Donovan Hide ha scritto:
> void format_rational(mpq_t r,char *result,unsigned long *length){
> mp_bitcnt_t m = mpz_scan1(den,0);
> mp_bitcnt_t n = mpz_remove(den,den,five);

try instead
n = mpz_sizeinbase (den, 2) - m;
n = ((n + 1) * 3 + n / 68) / 7;

Or simply (n+1)*3/7, valid in a smaller range, or some more clever
division-free formula like the DIGITS_IN_BASEGT2_FROM_BITS macro in the
sources of GMP (in gmp-impl.h).

It will for sure be faster than mpz_remove.

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